Monday, August 29, 2011

Marrakesh, Morocco, Dec 2010

Paid too much for this pancake, but it was really good. (They overcharge us the second they know we're foreigners)

Olive Section of the main souk

OLIVES... I wanted to buy some but wasn't gonna lug it around the country.

Underground restaurant

Sides, some boiled rice too...

Loved these giblets... cooked in a super tasty broth...

Chicken and frites

The grill man


The chicken here is tougher but the flavour is so awesome coz I think its all free range...

Orange Juice vendors

I've seen these on TV so many times. I HAD to try some...

OMG it looks alive...

Yay! It didn't taste so bad. A little bitter. 

Our favourite juice man!

Moroccan Fish and Chips. Delicious. Overpriced but delicious.

Blur picture but amazing tomato dip...

Our Favourite Juice Man!

Local sweets.



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