Monday, November 08, 2010

Eggs and Pancakes for Breakfast and Dinner.

officially my first egg benedict. not a bad one too... 

ooooh... yolky goodness

of course we need pancakes. with bananas and sabayon and pancake syrup. I wished it were real maple tho...

soft boiled eggs... 2 for $5!! ok got little bit bread and some parmesan powder and bacon. unfortunately, it seems this restaurant is not very consistent... coz the soft boiled eggs were... not soft. normally i try not to waste food. but... then when u pay $2.50 per egg and it can't even be done right.. how to dip the bread inside? spoil my experience. breakfast kaki was so nice and just scraped it out and ate it. unfortunately i was not so nice because i was really looking forward to  dipping the bread in the egg so i asked the poor harassed looking waiter to... 'can u please change my egg? just one. Thank you' and he took it. And I peeked when he took it to the kitchen and i think he got scolded by someone coz he looked even more harassed after that. poor man...

But it really paid off because this is what i got.... wah..... so nice..... yums!
The egg cost them max 50cents. my satisfaction... priceless. I was not grumpy anymore after breakfast.

Dinner at a friend's. I cooked a pail of cabbage! but it was worth it.... okonomiyaki. Another lovely Saturday. Peace Out!


Blogger fatlittleboy said...

The photos turned out great after all, the focusing looks just perfect. Reading your posts late at night makes for dangerous supper cravings. =P

12:11 AM  

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