Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunday Eats

ok, not a very nice picture but i wanted to feature one of my favourite breakfast vices. Dark soy sauce on scrambled eggs... next time i'm not putting any cheese on top. that cheese was gross and tasteless. 

I have been craving this since Sunday... Island Creamery's Reverso Ice Cream... Dark Chocolate ice cream with oreo cookies. That waffle helped balance it out, and was pretty good despite being toaster warmed... 

The mud pie was really good. Reminds me of Prego's but Prego's is more brilliant coz its Kahlua Ice-Cream

Liked how this place looked but bring insect repellent. The open for Dinner at 5.30. La Petit Cuisine is at Cluny Court. They have a limited menu, but prices seem really decent for some real french cooking. No ++ either so u pay whats listed on the menu.  I really wanted the chicken liver salad but they were out. So I just had some pasta. A weekend of eating and the earlier ice-cream didn't leave me too many calories for dinner. So thought i'd just have something simple. 

Had the spaghetti with ceps, on the recommendation of the cute tubby french accented but asian looking guy who brought me my menu. It was good but.... I craved chilli and garlic. All I could taste was parsley and the ceps... I think it's more my tastebuds than the food itself. It was pricy at $13.50 but I put it down to the ceps being expensive. Next time i will just go with it and have fois gras and a filet of beef or duck. Who wants to be my date?

Thats chef. OMG i didn't shoot the picture properly. he's wearing shorts! and high socks! so cute!!! 
Such a lovely food filled Sunday... Ahhhhhh


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