Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Fun Saturday

A friend caught up with me sometime earlier this week and suggested visiting a Farmer's Market here in sunny Singapore. Ok so it was more "farmer's" market than farmer's market, but there were some really interesting rewards... Held at Dempsey, the Farmers' Market was a good way to spend a Saturday morning. After a really hot morning, original plans to visit the zoo were scrapped and the really hot day continued with a picnic lunch at Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve. Pretty awesome Saturday.

Bacon Buttie. I loved the sesame bun. Even though it looked pretty simple, and you wonder if it's worth the $9.50, it tasted wonderful, with a tangy sweet sauce spread on the bun. Bacon was charcoal grilled and awesome flavour went great with the fragrant sesame seeds

A Paella lauded as an original Spanish paella, not made to suit local tastebuds. I saw it being made and it looked beautiful. It tasted very good too, the rice had a good chew to it. The saffron and paprika gave it a beautiful scent. It was $10 for a large serving. Seeing it being made was half the fun.

Find of the day, Jamon Iberico, I've never had any Jamon before, so it was really good to find it. The taste... incredible... all that piggy goodness... The fig was a twist of brilliance, we bought it from the greengrocer stall. 

Lovely flavour, but the Fig was abit of a let-down. The ham wasdry and beautifully scented. Ahhh....

The final slice, fat glittering in the sun.

As things turned into a spanish conquest, yummy sangria.

Vegan cold treat. Bottom right hand corner, a beautiful pumpkin coconut flavour... hmm I was too full to have some, but I wonder where i can get some now....

Maybe google Brownice?
It's made from brown rice (I wasn't listening closely enough coz i was looking at something else...)

The late lunch we had later, picnic at Sungei Buloh! friend's had pickles in it 'because it is MY sandwich'

Cheese, tomato, rocket, smoked turkey breast,and mustard on Sourdough bread

Some migratory birds on the mud flats.
Been many years since I went to Sungei Buloh, and it's nice to see the birds are still there. 

The mascot at the visitor's centre. 


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