Saturday, May 08, 2010

Back! Super cute and amazing cupcake!

cutest cupcake cup

Check out that lovely crumb. I promise, it was a little dense at first but still really light on the palate.... and the scent!!!

A tad sweet, but I think it was my fault. I used too much sweetener.

So a couple of days ago I was just bumming ard this cycling forum I hang out at and this lady mentioned a vegan cookie recipe she liked and linked it. So i clicked on the the link and lo and behold I see these really awesome cookies. Read the recipe and it was excellent. Full of nutritious things to keep me full for longer, and NO FAT!

Well, I know people who know me know I'm not really that obsessive abt fat. I have butter and all kinds of oils stocked all the time. I mean... Kaya toast with real BUTTER is one of my fav things ever. But then again, I really do need to cut down before I turn into a block of butter myself.

So the recipe looked intriguing and I figured if they turned out to be pieces of cardboard, I'd just be out a few bucks.

Turns out, it was not that cheap. The cookies were mighty expensive. Considering I had to go out and buy a lot of the things. maple syrup at $13.90 for 250ml anyone? ouch ouch. Cake was alright, though I just had to buy that 2 litre carton of florida's natural coz that was the only size at the store ($8.something?) Ok so it added up to alot, but I think it was totally worth it. Added up and divided by batches, it's not really that expensive.

I didn't like the cookies so much, I think coz I might have measured the syrup out wrongly. They're really dense and soft, and i'm more of the crunchy cookie sort. Plus they were really sweet. But I'm guessing they'd be good with my breakfast coffee. Instead of using all maple syrup, I went half agave nectar. Need to stretch that bottle...

I love the cupcakes. LOVE LOVE LOVE
They are wholewheat, fat free and would have been vegan had I found soy yoghurt. But I just substituted regular indian mama shop yoghurt and it was AWESOME! Moist and flavourful and the scent of that orange! I added an extra half cup of cocoa powder to up the chocolate punch, but that was all the substitution I did. (oh and I halved the amt of cinnamon, since i wasn't too sure abt the cinnamon, but it turned out fine and so next time i'll just use it)

The original recipe was for a bundt cake, but I didn't wanna deal with cake pans etc, so I just used some really cute muffin cups I found at the store. Strawberry print and polka dots! woohoo!

There was something about the crust too, just out of the oven, it had a crispy sweet crust but I think tmw the crust will be nice and soft. Brother didn't like it coz he said the orange smell was too strong... But then that was the whole point.

Ahh.. definitely good recipes worth trying out.

please excuse the bad pictures... I'm still using the same camera form when i first started this blog, and I think the technology is a little behind now. I had to use the flash... eww...

*update, brought the cupcakes to work today and handed some out for a taste test. Very positive, they were well liked.

I was really tired last night and I forgot some of the changes I made to the cupcake recipe. In addition to using full fat sour yoghurt, and adding 1/2 cup more cocoa powder, I also used 1 cup each of orange juice and water, instead of 1 and 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup orange juice. Also I used sparkling water instead of tap. It might help to make the cake lighter.


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Cher, Time to invest in a good camera. :D or just shoot in well-lighted areas.


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