Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Backdated post - Vietnam Part 4

Steetside vendors are a colourful affair in Vietnam. No one seems bothered by the amount of exhaust smoke being sprayed across their produce. Perhaps its much more practical, since their clientele can stop right in front, get what they want, pay money and then leave, all without getting off their scooters.. It's the 'Drive-up' mentality I'd say..

After gallivanting about all day, and having went so far we did not have a proper lunch, I had to return to one of these roadside shellfish places for dinner. The razor clams were fried with sweet basil and lots of garlic. H loved them, but they were a tad sweet for me.

These clams however, were the best things I'd ever had.. big, juicy and succulent. Steamed quickly, they still had milky clam juice in the shells. Didn't even need a dipping salt. I'm still fantasizing about them right now, months after the deed...

The damage... around I cannot remember now.. but it wasn't that expensive.

Iced green tea to wash it all down

Talk about sheer variety...


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