Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cooking Hiatus

Cooking for me has always been an art of love, an opportunity to show people how much they mean to you because you care about what they're eating and how they eat. The downside of cooking however, is the number of calories you always end up consuming. Every trip to the grocery store is a detailed and expensive affair involving picking up things you never planned to buy in the first place. The Supermarket for food lovers is the ultimate orgy. There are so many possibilities in every single raw ingredient you see.

I've been eating so much, that my struggle with extra weight has come to the forefront of my life again and I'm going to need to address that first. As much as I know I need to get back to the exercise, school has been exhausting, and along with several bouts of illness and my injuries, there's a limit to the amount of exercise I can do, so eating a lot less is my only solution. So i've also tried to stop going to the supermarket. Food is involving lots of soup, fruit and sandwiches, nothing special.

I've also gone off standing for hours preparing things in the kitchen. No time for that anymore. When rushed, there is no longer fun in cooking, and when I'm rushing, I get a little snarly and some of the love fades. Food no longer tastes as good. Thats pretty much what has happened to me. Right now I'm going through a period of hating my own cooking.

So please everyone excuse me for the silence on my blog. I hope I'll get my momentum back soon.


Blogger Vandalin said...

Now where is my food!!

6:38 PM  
Blogger Kaiz said...

Omg, denise. U can cook so well!
Too bad u not staying in PGP during term time. Else, I will be able to try your culinary delights!


3:51 PM  

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