Friday, September 29, 2006

posting backlog clearance I = Spring Onion Pancakes

There's an immense backlog in the posts i've made as opposed to the food i have cooked. granted not everything i make is worth blogging about, but there has to be a semblance of normality so people don't think that as students we all seem to eat damn well. hehhe. well we do, but thats more creative genius than an increase in student budget. In fact, the budget will have to be further decreased since my cellphone got stolen from the kitchen yesterday, so I'll need to channel some of the grocery budget into the telecommunications budget. Next time i'm not going to answer calls in the kitchen. Coz i always get busy, then i leave the phone behind.

One night last week, my friend and i got bored at work, so i got started on some lovely spring onions, and she saw the fun going on in the kitchen and decided to join in. Spring onion pancakes sprang to mind (excuse the pun), never mind that i've never made a single one, or seen a recipe for a single one in my life.

Due to the estimation method, the dough was so wet that by the time it was the right texture, we had a basinful. But who would mind? Extras got thrown in the freezer ready for a quick toast in the toaster. yummylicious.


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