Monday, August 28, 2006

National Dish If there was One!

Sunday i had this. absolutely gorgeous innit? chilli crab for lunch. Such a luxury. Did I say my mum is a genius cook as well? But yes. The flavour was perfect, not like the starchy versions you find at some seafood stalls. The only problem was that the crab shrivelled up in its shell after being cooked. So i wonder how to select crabs? short from buying those that require a mortgage, we usually buy the medium priced ones. sometimes i have luck. other times, like this past sunday, they turned out to be water crabs, i.e. full of water that melts into the cookpot. I'm pretty certain there's some kind of skill to this selection process, and i'm super determined to figure it out! I'm such a crab fan, the complicatedness of crabmeat extraction cannot deter me from the sweet delicious flesh. Even allergies don't stop me. Just pop an antihistamine and i'm good to go!

Somehow, i like food in large family size quantities. Just feels so much better:D More lOve!

It has truly been a good weekend foodwise. And my extended eating weekend (just had steak, potatoes, salad, corn, chicken. very embarassing so no pictures) is ending right now! Tuesday morning will be marked by a 7 am run. I just had a steak and all sorts of accompaniments. I cook so often here, and with this new neighbour who's happy to eat with me at all times, i forsee some problems. Thank goodness S is happy to exercise with me too. hence, the 7am run. Hopefully it materialises.

Today i heard what has to be the most flattering compliment ever. I met a friend of mine who last semester was living in the same block as me, on the same level. But she was on the other wing at the far end. We got talking about our living arrangements this year, and i told her i was back in the same place. and she was like "ahh! my friends always tell me your food is very nice!" i was kinda puzzled coz i didnt know we had mutual friends. So i ask her who, and she told me, all her neighbours who used to smell all my cooking. They all knew who was in the kitchen then. hahha.I'm so touched, that people actually are impressed by my cooking just from the smell. Guess i hide my mistakes very well. I wish i knew all these girls, then i could have cooked for them. no need just to smell the cooking. poor things. But whoever said my cooking smells good. Thank you so very much!


Blogger sohcool said...

I happened to see your blog. And I must say that my mom's chilli crab is great too. ;)
Anyway, I saw the photo of the crabs in the metal plate. That is exactly the same style my mom presents it. The only plate in the house big enough to hold this dish.
The photo brings back nostalgic feelings. Thanks.

7:06 PM  

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