Saturday, September 23, 2006

The wonders of corn soup

Sweetcorn is a wonderful thing when its fresh and sweet. And corn soup is a gift when the weather is weird. This post is a little late, but i made this gorgeous soup when it rained for days, and it was actually cool enough outside to walk to class in a long sleeved shirt. Corn soup sustained the people in apartment 9 at the MAG2 when they were trying desperately to adapt to the chilly weather.

A light savoury soup, fragrant with the sweetness of corn sliced off the cob, swirled with floating clouds of soft yellow egg, nothing can compare with the golden goodness.

Its dead easy too.

4 cobs corn, kernals only sliced off the cob
2 chicken stock cube
8 cups water
2 eggs, beaten in a bowl, just to combine

in a pot, boil water, add stock cubes and corn, and let it simmer for 20 mins
just before serving, turn up to a boil.
gently pour in beaten eggs, count to three, then gently stir around.
serve with white pepper or none :D


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