Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sometimes when the realities of student life hit you, all u can do is chug along...

When pulling late nights, its not very good to use coffee, because coffee makes you jittery, and as you sit in your hard plastic chair trying to understand Nietzsche, when you realise all your date on this friday night only wants to screw with your mind, coffee will make you think its acceptable to run out into your corridor screaming indiscriminately.

Coffee is also more expensive, seeing that you can't stretch 50 cents worth of ground coffee beans like you can stretch 2 nano cents worth of tightly rolled green tea leaves. Tell me again why transnational corporations are outsourcing to China? Coz it's CHEAP! Thats Why.. Duh. Or maybe its cheap coz i had no idea how much the tea cost because i erm.. relieved it from the hostel fridge last semester?

Coffee is my breakfast drink. I finish it, wake up, then run to class, huffing and puffing all the way, stressing my little head over whether or not the caffeine in my coffee will prevent the absorption of the vitamins in the vitamin pill i swallowed with the coffee because i was running late and had not woken up yet enough to remember to get water. I figure in my stomach the coffee and water will be all mixed up anyway and the real worry is the coffee.

So tea is the drink of choice. Even then though, there are two sorts for two different purposes. I like my tea really watered down, slightly warm, not scalding hot. On days when the work just involves reading stacks of monotonous journal articles, and one has to option to go to sleep or go next door for a little chat, one dips into the jar of individually tightly rolled green tea leaves.

The tea is light but fragrant, the flavour clean and sweet, a grassy aftertaste, with no bitterness whatsoever. Topping up the mug with warm water can yield endless cups of tea, warm water with a tint of green, and constant strolls to the toilet breaks.

No one needs an introduction to the noble earl grey tea, fragrant but with enough caffeine to keep a steady buzz without causing jitters of the potential-to-face-evictment sort, Earl Grey was my chaperone of choice in the past few endless evenings with freidrich Nietzsche.

I found out he had syphilis and died a madman, and since i've already gotten what i needed out of him i asked darling Nietzsche to retire to his countryside villa in France for a restorative. maybe i'll visit him again if i need him again before the end of semester exams....


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