Wednesday, August 23, 2006

that plastic stuff in plastic they call cheese

And thats a picture of the Half Sandwich i had for breakfast.

So i don't understand whats the deal with the processed cheese that we've been eating out here forever and ever. As a kid, that was all the cheese i knew, and i would think its still the same for lots of children out there. I know its not as nutritious as its supposed to be and try to avoid it, but sometimes its really easier, and cheaper of course. Some would say leave it out, but what is a ham and cheese sandwich wwithout cheese? I'll deal with the plastic.

Cheese here, is expensive, and its a hard thing to experiment with on a student budget. I like brie and camembert well enough, and american sliced white, chewy mozzerella on a tomato pizza, and fresh buffalo mozzerella in a good caprese. But at 6 bucks for a small yummy ball, you can imagine how it has been missing from my shopping list for quite some time.

Also, cheese eating is rather subjective to the nose. At home at my parent's there's been a wedge of roquefort sitting in a corner double wrapped in clingfilm for 4 months.

The only one who would eat it is the dog.

But.. there's too much salt in the cheese, so we've been holding off. It smells. I tried to eat it, several times, but it still smells, and the smell lingers, though for lovers of roquefort that would be a good thing i expect. and that little thing was like.. 12bucks. no one wants to eat it, but no one wants to throw it away.

I think in everyone's culture there is a smelly food item or two, but whether or not one can eat it, depends on what you've been brought up with. I mean, we eat tonnes of smelly things, durians, prawn crackers, fish crackers, dried fish and all other manner of dried salted seafood, chinchalok, belachan, just too name a few. In cambodia, i really liked prahoc, which is fermented fish.. the chunky type. looks like vomit. But i loved it. not because it looked like vomit doh... wish i brought some home...

So my point is, while half is acquired taste, some smells just register as inedibles. To me, lavander panna cotta is just wrong. tastes like underwear. nothing gross or kinky mind you, just that i used to scent my underwear drawers with lavender. so you can imagine my puzzlement when i ate a mouthful of that lovely dessert. It was beautiful, but i just was unable to disassociate the two. I've yet to try lavander flavoured anything else, though maybe its time to give it another shot.

and i better get back to my breakfast. class begins in an hour. today we learn about...infectious diseases and antibiotics. no i am not a medicine major.



Blogger Vandalin said...

some folks like cheese, I like durians.


All I know is when I had a cheese dinner, when all I had was cheese with everything, I went back and made instant noodles.

1:36 PM  
Blogger DEe said...

I just re read this post and i realised how pro plastic cheese i sound. must have been the early start, but i quite dislike the plastic stuff. I just eat it because it is cheap and convenient. And i have yet to see sliced american cheddar on sale at shop and save. And that would probably be the next best thing for ham and cheese sandwiches.

2:48 PM  

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