Monday, August 29, 2011

Just a few more eats, Tafroute, Hassi Labied and Erg Chebbi, Morocco, Dec 2010.

We arrived in Tafroute on Souk Day

Natural Honey

Honeycomb, bees included.

A sumptuous dinner

Grill Man

After 50kms of cycling through mountains and bad roads. Our host.

Coconut Cake

waiting for dinner, sharing how to use chopsticks.

Coastal Morocco, Essaouira and Mihrleft, Dec 2010

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The making of Argan Oil using roasted Argan nuts

Home cooked Tagine

Sharing a meal with the owner and some fellow travellers.

Grilled fish shop. Awesome. Just hot coals and sea salt.


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Super Awesome coffee at this place in the middle of nowhere. Made at this Italian Gas powered espresso machine. 

Oh the morning coffees...


Day 2 in Marrakesh, Morocco, Dec 2010

Our first Tagine

Vegetable couscous. They don't mention the great hunk of mutton in the menu listing.

Our funny waiter.

Kefta Tagine


Cleaned Up!

Spiced Tea

Some kinda sweet treat, but there were flies and it didn't look very appealing..

And then we decided to look for some sheeps head...

It didn't taste very good to be honest, could have been more flavourful,
I didn't like seasoning and it had a sandy grainy texture.

Hand cut, fresh fried potato chips. Yummy.