Wednesday, October 10, 2007

my other love... books, and the main supplier of them..

I have a not-so-food-related confession to make. I am a book addict and I'm staying in Singapore partly for the NLB. Sure, they don't always have all the books, but they make my voracious reading habit alot easier on my pocket, and they're not book nazis like the independent book sellers scattered all over the island. Membership is free for citizens, and an upgrade costs about 25 bucks a year so i don't have to go to the library so often to get new books. Also, they aren't mean to people who damage or return books late by accident. Recently my dog found a library book of mine in the wrong place and by the time she was done with it, the previously brand new shiny plastic covered book look like a shredded rojak salad. I was so embarrassed at the counter where I had to show the book to the librarian. A shredded book cover for a book lover like me is like a guan yin statue with no head for a devotee. Fortunately, only the cover was damaged, but unfortunately it meant that the library could no longer display the book, so I had to pay for it. But the point is, at least they didn't make me feel like some animal who ruins books, they laughed and shrugged at the unfortunacy of it all, and even gave me the book to keep after i paid for the damages. It was a food related book tho, like the massivest tome on caffeine one could ever fine, and now its all mine, albeit coverless.

It seems to me like the National Library Board has recently been trying to come up with interesting programmes and stocking up on more books for the literate foodie. Not content are we just to eat, but also to read, spend afternoons chatting, and even blogging about eating and food in general. I was recently asked by Cheryl of thebakerwhocooks to participate in an event organised by the NLB where they get a few floggers together to chit-chat with some people who come attend the chit-chat session regarding flogging. I know the publicity says famous floggers, and I'm not famous since I have a readership of ZERO it seems... BUT, thebakerwhocooks is famous.. heehee.. So, please come and talk to us about flogging at the National Library. Dates and venues are below, in the programme lineup for this month. Kudos NLB for remembering book loving food lovers like me. I Heart NLB!

Foods of My Ancestors - The Chitty Melaka Cuisine
Saturday, 20 October, 3.00 - 4.30 pm
Programme Zone, Ang Mo Kio Community Library
The Chitty Melaka or Peranakan Indian cuisine is a fusion of South Indian, Malay and Chinese cooking. It is estimated that there are only 100 Chitty Melaka families in Singapore. Don't miss this opportunity to experience and taste the authentic and unique flavours of the Chitty Melaka cuisine at this talk and cooking demonstration by Veni Rengayah-Knight, author of the newly published cookbook Foods of My Ancestors.

Flog Fight!
Sunday, 21 October, 3.00 - 4.30 pm
Programme Zone, library@orchard
Singaporeans are always on the lookout for the next new thing in food. And the latest food guides seem to be coming from outer space…virtually, that is. That's right, food blogs are registering thousands of hits daily and are suddenly influential in the food choices people make. This October, we grill some of the most popular food bloggers at a flog fight to find out the ingredients that make them so delectable to foodies. Hurry! Ringside seats available!

Asian Recipes & Home Remedies
Saturday, 27 October, 3.00 - 4.30 pm
Programme Zone, Bedok Community Library
Herbs, spices and plants were used in ancient Asian civilisations as health remedies and beauty aids. Today, these traditional ways continue to be applied, passed on and practised. Join celebrity chef and cookbook author, Devagi Sanmugam as she presents some of these remedies and recipes at this special programme for the health conscious foodie. This is also your chance to meet the Spice Queen of Singapore with a string of accolades as eclectic and imaginative as her recipes.
Brought to you by Marshall Cavendish.

Passion for Organic: How Singaporeans Do It
Saturday, 27 October, 3.00 - 4.00 pm
Radin Mas Hall, Bukit Merah Community Library
One of our national past times is to check out the latest food fads and new restaurants. As we become more and more spoilt for choice, how do we separate the chaff from the real thing? Organic is becoming the buzzword for health and wellness. Let Ms Tuyet Nguyen (L'Organic) give you the lowdown on the reality of organic living in Singapore, the benefits it offers and the
choices you have to make to incorporate organic into your life.


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Hi there, thanks for the mention of our programmes! It's also nice to know ppl appreciate the library :)

-your friendly facilitator for the food flog fiesta,

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